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NEW Frogs and EEL Vore from Claudia:

Claudia VS The EELS! 2 Video Package Deal

CLAV12 – Claudia’s Eels on Glass – This video idea was very exciting for Claudia and she was anxious to get these 2 lucky eels into her hungry mouth. She explains to them all what’s about to happen, and she makes sure the others witness their friends demise. Claudia is really sexy and she can role play so well, and she is also very cruel and enjoys making this video. You try so hard to slither away, but you end up squirming right back into her giant mouth.

File Size: 1.21GB
Time: 20:58
Resolution: 3840 X 2160

CLAV13 – Claudia VS. The Biting Eel – 2 eels left. Claudia pops the lid and smells her prey. “Mm, they smell good.” Great open mouth swallow footage… not like Wink or Kim, but really good for a newbie. The black eel really puts up a fight and actually bites Claudia, twice… but he failed to consider that Claudia bites back, and he just made his punishment escalate 10 times. Claudia gets her revenge as he slides right down her throat, head first.

File Size: 1.00GB
Time: 17:06
Resolution: 3840 X 2160


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Claudia’s Twin Desert

CLAVAMPH3 – Claudia’s Twin Desert – Just after having swallowed a large frog for dinner, Claudia selects twins for her after dinner treat. She teases them mercilessly in her mouth, both at the same time. She dangles them helplessly in her throat to make sure they see how their final destination begins. Claudia swallows both frogs at the exact same time, then opens her mouth wide to show that they are all gone. Claudia describes the experience after swallowing, as it is happening.

File Size: 0.97GB
Time: 13:37
Resolution: 3840 X 2160


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Claudia Swallows the Big, Angry, Croaking Frog

CLAVAMPH2 – Claudia Swallows the Big, Angry, Croaking Frog – Claudia teases and taunts her victim, which seems to annoy him immensely. Frog makes a loud croaking sound and his struggling only makes Claudia want to swallow him more, to show him who the boss is here. The frog eventually accepts his fate and struggles less as Claudia plays with him and threatens to swallow him. After a lot of in-mouth play, Claudia swallows her victim alive and she describes the entire experience as she feels this big boy kicking his legs all the way down.

File Size: 1.35GB
Time: 23:24
Resolution: 3840 X 2160


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