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WARNING! If you see the girl below… I mean that mouth… you might have a heart attack, so don’t look. Leave now, before it’s too late!


long tongue
giantess videos 4K UHD MOCHV1 Mocha’s Open Mouth Gummy Swallowing – Mocha is unbelievably cute and oh that mouth! Who wouldn’t want to get swallowed by this girl? Mocha understood this vore fetish right away, and she just knew what to say and what to do. You will fall in love with Mocha’s role-play and even deeper in love with her mouth.
File Size: 1.30GB
Time: 18:09
Resolution: 3840 X 2160

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New Girl! 18 with Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pink Metal Braces and a Cruel Personality >:)


swallowed alive
giantess videos 4K UHD ANSV2 Your Brace-Faced Roommate Swallows You Alive – Anastasia is tired of yours and your other roommate’s mess in her living room. You enter the living room to find that Anastasia. has already shrunk your other roommate, and has him dangling just centimeters above her braced, saliva filled prison. Anastasia sees you and orders you to come and watch what happens to messy roommates. With each torturous swallow, Anastasia reminds you to pay close attention because this will be what happens to you too. You’re not getting away, and now you know exactly what your fate will be. Anastasia puts aside the her shrunken toy, and shrinks you so you can join the fun >:)
File Size: 1.11GB
Time: 15:36
Resolution: 3840 X 2160

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mouth braces
giantess videos 4K UHD ANSV1 Swallowed Alive by Cruel Braces – Anastasia is so much fun… unless you’re a tiny. Anastasia is tired of her roommates and the messes they make in her home, and it’s time they were “evicted”… right down her throat. She has already shrunken your other male roommate, and when you catch her in the act, she orders you to watch and to become familiar with what will soon be YOUR fate as well. Anastasia licks and rubs her tiny victims all over her tongue and sharp braces, and forces them to look deep into her throat before swallowing each of them alive. Now, it’s your turn and Anastasia shrinks you to just the right size. Anastasia’s role-play is so good… I think she really enjoys tormenting her tiny victims.
File Size: 1.55GB
Time: 26:50
Resolution: 3840 X 2160

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Wink’s Frog On Glass – Saliva and Swallow


live vore
giantess videos 4K UHD WVAMPH3 Frog’s Ass On Glass – Wink sucks-up and slobbers all over her tiny victim in her usual merciless fashion. See Wink’s full lips, white teeth and saliva soaked tongue, up close and in 4K resolution as she torments her tiny victim before swallowing him alive.
File Size: 706MB
Time: 9:46
Resolution: 3840 X 2160

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