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swallowed alive

giantess videos 4K UHD new-vore-videosVideo WV28 – Criminally Digested – You and 3 of your co-workers are in the office late. You think you hear voices coming from the reception area, so you go to investigate. Upon opening the door, you discover the criminal you’ve been reading about in the paper, Harley-Kwinn, is inside your office! She says she needed a place to meet the Joker and “this is it, and we DON’T need any witnesses!” She explains that she and Jokes are headed over to City Hall later to turn all those hypocrites into tiny goldfish and let the cats eat ’em. “Hm, maybe wh should try it out on your just to make sure it works.” and with that, Harleee pulls a gadget from behind her and zaps you all. You shrink as Harlee towers above you, laughing maniacally. Harlee explains to each of her victims why in particular they belong inside her stomach, then swallws them one at a time, clutching her throat and following them down into their new home.
Time: 16:03 | Size:1.32GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


swallowed whole

giantess videos 4K UHD new-vore-videosVideo WV27 – Join Your Friends, In MY Stomach!Wink is the sexiest kitty, wouldn’t you agree? This lucky Coy Fish spends his last 15 minutes with his face down Wink Kitty’s throat… and he liked it! Wink has really come out of her shell and she role plays and teases her prey, as she gladly offers to show her victims the way down. This is a great video for well lit visuals as you enjoy watching the fish suffocate face first in her throat, and often half of his body is inside her throat. In the end, Wink swallows (simulated, not for real) big boy and rolls around on the floor like a kitty with a full belly.
Time: 15:44 | Size:1.28GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


goldfish vore

giantess videos 4K UHD new-vore-videosVideo WV26 – Wink Kitty’s Delicious Treat – Wink circles her prey, snapping her teeth at one big fish in the bowl, as she crawls by. Wink Kitty is scantally clad and shows off her rock hard, slender frame. Her prey swims around vigorously to avoid her grasp… “Gottcha!” says Wink Kitty. Wink Kitty tortures her prey by threatening to swallow him down, head first. He flips and flops around inside her mouth.
Time: 8:00 | Size:632MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


swallowed alive

giantess videos 4K UHD new-vore-videosVideo STCV4 – Well Don’t You Just Look DeliciousStacy did a custom fish vore video before she left us, and this is it : ) She downs 5 fish. If you like your fish vore mixed with young sexy blue eyed girl, great ass shots, awesome tummy shots, and some clumbsy, but adorable open mouth swallowing, then you will love this video. Stacy struggles a bit to swallow her victims, so you get to see them come back up for round 2, while others slips right down, nice and smooth. There are really good shots of Stacy’s body and the inside of her mouth.
Time: 19:21 | Size:1.21GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

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