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Wink (2 NEW Open Mouth Swallowing Vore Videos)

goldfish vore
giantess videos 4K UHD Watch Me Swallow Your Friends, This Will Happen To You – Wink enlists the help of some dirt-bags that she turned into gummies, her plan is to use them to show you and your 4 fish buddies how you will be swallowed. Wink open mouth swallows gummy after gummy and 4 fish slide down her wonderful throat. Wink talks to each fish and taunts them with her big mouth as she swallows their friends right in their view. They can see their friends slide into her throat. Wink gives them the external tour as well, and explains and shows them the journey they are about to take from sliding down her tongue and into her throat, to being gobbled down into her stomach to be digested.
Time: 20:59| Size:1.52GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


giantess vore
Swallowed By a Hitchhiking Stranger – You’re just heading to work on a Sunday, when you see this sexy girl walking alone. You stop and as she comes to your window, you see that she is absolutely adorable and sexy. She smiles and you can see her amazing smile of sharp white teeth. You ask her if she needs a ride and she asks if you if you will feed her. “Yeah, I’ll feed you.”, you reply. You will live (for a short time) to regret those words. You invite Wink into your office for coffee, and you are excited because Wink keeps looking you up and down and licking her chops, so she must be anxious to kiss you, you figure. As soon as Wink is inside and locks the door, she asks you for a bowl, but the best you can find is a plastic cup. Wink takes the cup and asks you to look into her mouth… as you do, you begin to shrink… your legs turn into a finned tail and your once long arms are now stubby little fins… let’s face it, you’re screwed.  Wink tortures you inside her mouth for a long time, but she is hungry and you promised to feed her. You’re still just a little too big for Wink to swallow, so she shrinks you one more time to a perfect, swallowing size. She open mouth swallows the fish and rubs her belly. There’s about 2 mins of extra video at the end of just gummy and 2 more fish get swallowed. There’s no role-play, no story, it’s just rapid, open mouth swallowing.
Time: 11:46| Size:848MB | Format: MP4 HD 1920 x 1080
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Wink & Her Lovely Mouth in VR >:)

Wink wants your tiny, pathetic body inside her tummy!  – Wink towers over you and stomps her giant shoes just inches from you. Then she slaps her hands on the ground and you feel like there is an earthquake. Wink can’t stop talking about how tiny and helpless you are and she dangles you over her wide open mouth, threatening to swallow you because you’re too tiny to be alive.
Time: 11:02| Size:815MB | Format: MP4 VR 360 2880X2880
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Roxanne & Kim are gonna swallow you in VR >:)

giantess 360 vr video
Kim and Roxanne in “Who’s Mouth is Bigger?” – We got good at this VR video! This video & audio are perfect and awesome! Kim and Roxanne try to figure out how what you are and why you look like a tiny human. They each take turns putting you inside their mouths to see who’s mouth is bigger and which mouth you would slide into easier. It’s a tough call, who’s mouth do you want to slip into?
Time: 12:26| Size:962MB | Format: MP4 VR 360 2880X2880
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Kim & Roxanne (2 NEW Video of Fish Bliss)

forced fish swallow
giantess videos 4K UHD Roxanne forces Kim to swallow 3 fish as punishment – Roxanne just found out that Kim slept with all 3 of her ex boyfriends, and ties Kim to a chair to punish her. Roxanne shows Kim 3 tiny fish in a cup and explains that they were her ex boyfriends, until she turned them into fish. Now, since all 3 of her ex boys wanted to be ‘inside’ Kim, well, not they get to be inside Kim forever. Roxanne makes Kim open wide and plces each struggling ex on Kim’s long tongue, and foces Kim to let the fish slide into her throat and down ‘inside’ of her forever. Then, there’s a 3+ minute scene at the end where Kim tricks Roxanne into tasting you, unaware!
Time: 14:09| Size:1.17GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

giantess fish vore
giantess videos 4K UHD Kim and Roxanne’s Inside Mouth Make-Out Play-Date – Kim invites Roxanne over for some girl-on-girl play, but Kim has also invited a special guest… YOU! You’re just a helpless goldfish in a cup, and when Kim reaches in, pulls you out and sucks you into her mouth, there’s nothing you can do but to enjoy the ride. Kim and Roxanne make-out with each other while you are passed from one giant tongue to the other. You alomost got swallowed a couple times, be careful in there. Kim and Roxanne really enjoyed making this video.
Time: 17:52| Size:1.45GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160
Both Videos ONLY 19.99
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