Young Giantess School Girls To Swallow YOU Alive.

May 13th, 2011

Two new young girls we found in the playgound accross the street, we offered them some candy and here’s what happened next:
NEW Giantess Videos With These Two Young Girls
You’ll love the way they lick their lollipops. They like to open their mouths extra wide so you can see the candy going all the way back to their uvula, and almost down their throats. Then they pull it back out and rub the candy on their teeth and full, pink, lips. Ultimately they crush the candy between their teeth and swallow the little pieces down whole. Many shrunken hopefuls have sent us mail asking to be swallowed alive by one or both of these young female Giantess’. Which one do you want to be swallowed by? See their videos in HD 720p (1280 x 720) here:

Giantess Titi, The Biting, Licking, Swallowing Exotic

June 9th, 2010

Hi, I’m Titi. It’s hard to write about ones self, but I’m the original… the chick that started this whole fetish filming thing between my girls and I. I have a big mouth and I just love to use it to bite, lick and swallow. I was first just really into biting guys, HARD. But then I met Jim and he had a Giantess fetish, so I played his game… BUT then he let me play mine >: ) I have to tell you, after messing around with the whole Giantess thing in front of the camera, I really, really dig it and it turns me on so much. The thought of having a little, tiny guy inside my mouth… helplessly splashing around in there, afraid of what I might do is so appealing to me. Here’s a clip of me doing to Jim what nedded to be done:

You can see full lenth clip of me biting hard on this blog, here’s my page:

Giantess Sunni Open Mouth Gummy Chew

June 9th, 2010

Giantess Sunni… sigh. It’s all sun and games until her mouth closes on you… then the crushing and chewing begin. But hey, you had a good few minutes inside a Giantess mouth before being chewed and swallowed in tiny little chunks, right? So, you see… Sunni really does have a bright side : )

Sorry, I had only this one clip of Sunni rendered for blog posting, but we do have more of Sunni in HD. In fact you can get 50 mini movies of Sunni and the rest of the girls (including me, Titi) by going here:

Giantess Maria in Open Mouth Exploration

June 9th, 2010

Giantess Maria comes from a family of Dentists, so yeah… her teeth are straight, white, strong and oh so pretty ; ) She’s owns her own shrink gun, so you know what that means… yup, you’re in for soeme tiny times inside her mouth. Hey, while you’re in there, check for plaque… bet you won’t find any.

See and hear Giantess Maria tell you about her shrunken men fetish on her blog page, here:

Giantess Gabby & Open Mouth Cave Diving

June 9th, 2010

Gabby’s a Tomboy… a little rough around the edges if you know what I mean. She takes no crap from her shrunken tiny victims. When Giantess Gabby says it’s time to drop into her mouth, you had better jump. And when she says it’s time to take the dive down her throat… well yeah, like you have a choice… NOT!

Visit Gabby’s page here on the blog for another video of her: