Gabby’s Shrinking Swallowing Fetish

Giantess Gabby’s shrinking and swallowing fetish goes as far back as she can remember. Giantess Gabby recalls being a young girl and taking the “little man mold” from her younger brother’s PlayDough set, filling it with jello and making shrunken men that she could let squirm around, helplessly iside her mouth before they slid down her wide open throat. Giantess Gabby finds that it’s hard to keep a boyfriend, because when she tells him that all she really wants is for him to shrink down tiny enough to fit inside her mouth so she can swallow him… welll they kind of think that’s weird and say “bye bye”.

As with all of the girls videos, Giantess Gabby’s are a little too wild for YouTube.. I guess it’s all the hard biting, licking (tasting their prey) and oepn mouth swallowing that keep their videos from making the YouTube accepted video list.

The following is an example of Gabby’s Giantess tiny shrunken man swallowing:

You can get 2 full length videos (not previews) by going to

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