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NEW GIRL – Fayte’s Audition Collection

Inside Young Girls Mouth
new-vore-videosFayte’s Open Mouth Audition – New Girl : )  Fayte’s a little nervous on her fist visit to our studios, but OOOOOH what a fantastic mouth she has, and all in HD detail. Don’t you just want to crawl inside and look around?
Time: 5:17 | Size: 81.8MB
Video Format: MP4 HD 1280 X 720


Inside Young Girls Mouth
new-vore-videosThe Daydreaming Giantess – Fayte has nothing to do, she is incredibly board. She sees you and thinks, “hm, what the heck”, and drops your tiny body onto her enormous tongue to entertain herself. She swishes you around, tells you a story but because her mouth is open so wide, you can’t understand anything she is saying. She moves you to the tip of her tongue and pushes you up into each of her teeth as she counts them. Man, she is really board. Well, because you’re not doing a great job of entertaining her, she decides to swallow, follwed by a burp and a tummy rub.
Time: 4:45 | Size:80.6MB
Video Format: MP4 HD 1280 X 720


Inside Young Girls Mouth
new-vore-videosThe Board Giantess – Fayte is so board, but she does find some entertainment in messing with her tiny friend. For a lack of anything better to do, she gets a long piece of thread and tells her friend to hold it. Then she lifts him high above her mouth and asks him if he’s glad he decided to ‘hang around’. This amuses her. Fayte dangles and dips her tiny friend in and out of her wide open throat. Ultimately she grows board of this too and just breaks the thread with her teeth and swallows him. BONUS: There’s a few minutes of bonus video where Fayte filles her mouth with water and opn mouth swallows so you can see if going down, then she dresses another one of her tiny friends into his scuba gear and takes him in her mouth for a swim… but oops, she swallows him by accident. It really was an accident and you can see the dissapointment Fayte displays because she was looking forward to messing with him more.
Time: 10:18 | Size:602MB
Video Format: MP4 HD 1280 X 720


eaten unaware
new-vore-videosFayte Eats and Swallows You, Unaware – In an attempt to hide, you grab onto a bannana… bad choice because Fayte picks up the bananna and begins to eat it. Slowly but surely her sharp, beautiful ensisors make their way down to where you are clinging for dear life, but it’s no use. She pops the last little pice of bannana and you into her mouth, chews and swallows. Ah, with her belly full, it’s time for a nap.
Time: 2:50 | Size:166MB
Video Format: MP4 HD 1280 X 720

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Giantess Vore Video Sale
Video Collection – Gabby Galore12 videos In Total – (INCLUDES 4 VIDEOS NOT FOR SALE SEPARATELY… Gummy Swallowing, Giantess Vore of Gabby Eating The Principal, Gabby Eats the Door to Door salesman, and Gabby tosses you into the air so you can land in her mouth). Open mouth gummy swallowing. Hard candy crush. All 12 videos for a really low price.
Time: 100:00 | Size: you’ll get a separate link to each of your 12  videos
Videos Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
Value if bought separately = $120.
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