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swallowed whole
Video GV4 – Gabby turns you into a Man-Cake – Gabby recites an incantation that turns full grown men into a bite sized cake. Gabby knows you from the gym, she watches you all the time. Today she got up the nerve to ask you come to her house for an after work-out protein shake. As soon as she gets you alone, she says some funny words and *BANG*, you’re cake. Gabby explains that the spell you are under makes you conscious of everything that is happening to you, but you won’t feel pain and you cannot die. You will be consumed, limb by limb, and you’ll be completely aware.
Time: 23:00 | Size: 921MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
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Giantess Swallows Fish
Video GV2 – 2 Bad Boys Get Punished – Marc and Neils are good customers, they buy many custom videos, so we invited them down to the studio for a visit. We wanted to show them how much we appreciate them, so we shrunk them, turned them into fish, and then we gave them to gabby to play with. Gabby, as expected, swallowed them both and now they are swimming together inside her belly… the end. Gabby swallows the fish for real, YES! Gabby open mouth swallows the fish in well lit HD detail.
Time: 11:00 | Size: 452MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
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Giantess Gabby Fish Swallow
Video GV1 – Giantess Gabby Fish Suck and Swallow – This was a custom order. You’re Gabby’s pet fish and it’s time for your daily sucking. Gabby loves to tease your thru your bowl glass… she licks the glass and opens wide so you can see what you are about to experience. Gabby slides you down her tongue and into her throat, sometimes she leaves you there to look around and sometimes she pulls you back out to tell you how yummy you taste. In the end, she saves you for later.
Time: 16:00 | Size: 653MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
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Raw Oyster Vore

Video C76 – Raw Prey Swallowed Whole – “Hm, I always wondered how you would taste and how easily you would slide down my throat if I turned you into a tiny, helpless oyster. I’d put you right in here and swallow you whole. Mmmm, I can’t resist (*POOF*) you’re a tiny oyster.” Stephanie torments, teases and swallows you and 5 of your friends after having turned you all into slimy little oysters that will slide right down into her tummy. This was a custom clip order and the client we made it for had this to say: “It’s the best clip I ever seen! Very very wonderful!!!!! Thank you!”
Time: 20:00 | Size: 802MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
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swallowed by giantess

Video C45 – Swallowed Accidentally by your Giantess BFF – You and Gabriella are best friends. Nobody understands her and they fear her, but you know she’s really such a sweetheart and she’s never let you down. You are both out enjoying a nice afternoon and eating lunch together. Gabriella tells you of a candy binge she went on and now her molar is killing her. She asks because you are the perfect size if you will crawl into her mouth and check her back tooth. Gabriella tells you not to worry and she understands the danger and promises to be very careful and begs you to crawl into her mouth for a closer look. Once inside you’ll discover via endoscopic pov that you’re getting burped on, yawned on and snored on while inside her gapping hole. Gabriella lets out a gigantic burp that is just a bit too much and you loose your footing and fall down her throat. Gabriella searches for you with her tongue but you’re gone. She talks to you inside her tummy and apologizes and explains that the two of you are now going to be together forever.
Time: 10:00 | Size: 405MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
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goldfish swallowing

Video 121 – Gypsy’s Goldfish Swallowing  You’re a Goldfish and fish are food! Goldfish slide down Gypsy’s enormous throat, but not until she’s quite satisfied she’s tortured you inside her gigantic mouth and tongue. Gypsy looks awesome in her zebra bikini and she swallows 6 fish in total… but because she can push them back out, and swallow them again, it’s like she swallows so many more.
Time: 19:00 | Size: 743MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
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live fish swallowed
Video c1 – Yes little fishy, Gabby’s gonna eat you! – Yup, you’re just a fish in a glass and Gabby tells you how you’re going to slide down her throat and into her tummy where you will be happy. Gabby loves you and wants you to be with her forever. Gabby dangles you by your tail and forces you to look down her throat as she lowers you closer and closer to her gaping throat hole. There’s a lot of torturous talking, burping and awesome videography in this clip… maybe one of Gabby’s bests clips to date.

Time: 16:56 | Size:655MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
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