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inside mouth tongue throa

Video CHV3S – Christlie’s Yoga & Vore Class – Chrislie has a unique talents we’ve never seen before here at OV… she can put you on the tip of her tongue, then curl her tongue back and shove you down her own throat with her own tongue! Christlie is your yoga class instructor. She has shrunk you and the rest of the class for a special lesson >: ) Christlie shows you some yoga poses that take incredible flexibility, in fact she gives you a very close and personal instruction.
Time: 10:00 | Size: 179MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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braces chew swallow candy

Video CHV2S – Christlie Savagely Chews and Swallows multiple gummies – Christlie savagely mashes gummies between her sharp, strong, braced teeth. As she swallows each one, she follows it down to her tummy with her finger and rubs her tummy and says “yummy”. She’s really enjoying this video.
Time: 7:00 | Size: 177MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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open mouth braces

Video CHV1S – Christlie coaxes you into her braced prisonWow, Chrislie is new, but she’s already a star. Christlie tries to seduce you into going inside her mouth where you will be safe and warm. This Giantess is sexy and vicious. She opens wide, show you her how long her tongue is and deep her throat goes. Christlie slams her teeth shut making loud and scary sounds of teeth and braces crashing together.
Time: 9:13 | Size: 155MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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Mouth Fetish

Video GV161S – Gabby’s Room For RentGabby advertises a room for rent and she includes a picture of herself in a bikini in the ad. You and many other dudes show up to see if you can score renting a room with a hot chick in a bikini. Gabby tells you and the crowd that she will show all of you the room for rent, but because you were first in line, she shows you first, but I think Gabby finds you the yummiest and that’s why she takes you first. Gabby asks you your hight and weight and she thinks you’re perfect for her… um, room. She tells you that before she shows you the room, there’s a little trick she wants to show you first. Gabby asks if you’ve ever been shrunk before and before you can ask, WTF? she shrinks you into a bite sized morcel. Gabby gives you the grand tour of the inside of her mouth, then without any notice, she tilts her head back and you can’t hang on and slide right down the large opening in the back of her mouth… GULP. Gabby asks you if you like it in there and lets you know that there will be an eviction process since you hadn’t yet paid her your rent. BURP! whoops, I guess that’s your eviction notice, digestion. Gabby now allows the rest of the crowd in, shrinks them and swallows them whole one at a timev.
Time: 21:37 | Size: 366MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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open mouth water swallow

Video SOV4 – Bubble Bath in Sofia’s MouthSofia decides to see how good you can swim, so she fills her mouth with water and drops you in for a dip… a drown… a swallow? Whatever comes first. Sofia also does a few open mouth water swallows just for fun.
Time: 4:00 | Size: 358MB | Format: MP4 HD 1920 x 1080
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swallowed unaware

Video INV2S – Licked and Swallowed by Giantess UnawareIndia is focused on the tv and doesn’t notice that you’re stuck to her lollipop and she inadvertantly pops you into her mouth for the ride of your “short” life. When India is tired of licking and swallowing, she decides to crunch, chew and swallow her candy. She crushes your little bones to bits and she doesn’t even hear your tiny body crunching in the company of all the candy that is also crunching. *GULP* I wonder if she’ll stay up nights wondering what ever happened to you?
Time: 8:03 | Size: 136MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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giantess shrink vore

Video WV10S – Wink Swallows Her OrthodontistWink is tired of opening wide so the Dentist can stick his fat fingers in her mouth. She is very annoyed and thinks that if the dentist wants to get in there so bad, maybe she should help him. She shrinks him and takes him home for some up-close inside mouth probing and prodding.
Time: 8:54 | Size: 149MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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