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 Kim’s NEW Goldfish Swallowing Video Package Deal (Get Both Videos For One Low Price)

live food swallowed vore

Video KV8HD – The Sexy Swallower (4 Fish Go Down)Kim has the unique talent of being able to swallow live prey without closing her mouth, not even just a little. That means you can see every second as the fish falls into her lovely forever place. Sometimes the fish flip themselves right into her throat and down they go, and Kim doesn’t even flinch… GULP!
Time: 10:32 | Size:872MB | Format: MP4 HD 1920 x 1080


girl swallows fish whole

Video KV9HD – The Venus Slide TrapKim is a sexy girl that is really into plants and she admires the venus fly trap and slowly swallows fish that enter her unsuspecting trap! The queen of open mouth swallowing downs 4 unsuspecting victims that wander too close to her her mouth trap and they slide down forever.
Time: 9:00 | Size:738MB | Format: MP4 HD 1920 x 1080

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giantess robot

Video KV5S – Robot Vore Doll, Fish Swim & SwallowWe’ve been developing a life-sized vore robot for in-home use. Jim had planned to spend the day at his pool, but when he came home from the grocery store, his neighbors were using his pool. They do this all the time and Jim has asked them to stop, but as soon as they think Jim is out for the day, the Father, the Mother and their kids just make themselves at home. So, Jim decided to see what our new voreBOT can do. The unit comes with a remote control that operates the voreBOT, but also has a “Shrink to Fish” setting; just point and press the button and anything, or anyone in it’s sight will be turned into a tiny fish. Jim figures this is perfect since his neighbors like to swim so much. Jim has his neighbors in a little bowl next to the couch where he has laid his voreBOT on her back. He opens her mouth with a secret button on the side of her jaw and fills her mouth with water. Then he takes his annoying little fish neighbors and drops them into Kim’s mouth for a swim. They swim around and nibble on her teeth and the the roof of her mouth until Jim gives her the command to “SWALLOW”, and down they go, one at a time. Now they can swim inside voreBOT-K3000’s tummy forever, or until they run out of air. Either way, they were warned and now punished. Jim rubs her soft belly for good measure.
Time: 10:11 | Size:172MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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goldfish swallow

Video KV4S – Kim Cosplay Goldfish SwallowingKim dresses up like a Japanese Animation character and eats the kids that used to pick on her in High School. She open mouth swallows them one at a time to make them pay for tormenting her as a teenager. There’s a special surprise at the end of the video, after the credits, so wiat for it ; )
Time: 15:56 | Size: 266MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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braces gummy swallow

Video WV9S – Braces Open Mouth Gummy SwallowingWink lays on her back and drops you and your friends down her throat. She swallows you so effortlessly, she is truly a hungry giantess. Wink is really quite remarkable, her sexy mouth full of metal and the way she can swallow with her mouth open is scary.
Time: 7:54 | Size: 133MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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giantess pov

Video SYN3S – Will you get in my mouth? Pleeeease?Syn is into guys that are 4 inches and shorter, because they tend to be the perfect fit for her mouth. Syn knows it’s weird, but she is just wondering if you’ll let her put you inside her mouth… she promises to be careful and not swallow you. She’s begging you. How can you just stand there and not say yes? Pleeeese? Ok then, fuckit… she picks you up, stuffs you into her mouth and swallows you down. BURP!
Time: 7:25 | Size: 125MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720
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