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Kim swallows hand-fulls of tiny Minnows Video Package Deal (Get All 3 For One Low Price)


Video KV10 – Kim swallows hand-fulls of tiny MinnowsKim came in today to make a fish swallowing video, but she was so HUNGRY that instead of selecting her tiny victims one at a time, she scooped up the whole crowd! I think she downed a good 30 to 40 fish by the end of the video… swallowing 8 to 10 fish at once.
Time: 11:08 | Size:188MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720


Video KV11 – High Dive Into Kim’s Throat (60FPS) –The 60 frames per second is great for slo-mo, if you like to slow it down sometimes. Kim drops 4 tiny minnows into her throat from about 4 to 6 inches from her upper lip. That’s like 15 feet to the minnow. Kim dangles her tiny victims over her enormous wide open mouth and drops them straight down her throat. No mouth visit, no pit stops, just right straight down. This looks spectacular in slo-mo.
Time: 11:06 | Size:799MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720 @ 60fps


Video KV12 – FREE BONUS – Slide Down Kim’s Throat While Still AliveKim swallows an additional 4 minnow, one at a time. Kim places your tiny fish body on her upper lip and then wiggles her lip hoping you’ll fall in. She brushes her teeth with your tiny body and rakes you over her sharp molars before letting you just slide down into her slippery throat. We shot the last group of fish to go down with the GoPro and we got way in there.
Time: 6:42 | Size:113MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720

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Christlie’s NEW Goldfish Swallowing Video Package Deal (Get All 3 For One Low Price)

inside mouth braces

Video CHV15 – It’s Dinner Time Little Fishie (4 fish go down)This is Christlie’s fist LIVE vore video and honestly, she scares me. Our sweet, cute little Christlie has way too much fun swallowing her poor, tiny, unsuspecting victims. She gets annoyed when they flip and flop around and tells them they should be excited to get into her tummy. She even lifts her dress at one point and sits on her victim before dropping him right into her throat. GULP, and it’s all over. My graphic guy went a little overboard on selecting images for the GIF preview, but that’s because the video is absolutely amazing. Christlie is so lovely and has such a beautiful mouth, and those braces! OMG!
Time: 19:26 | Size:329MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720

goldfish vore swallowed alive

Video CHV14 – Bon Appétit/Boob Crush (3 Fish Go Down)An adorable, topless Christlie finds pleasure in smooshing her first tiny victim between and under her boobs on a glass table before slurping him up into her mouth to be swallowed alive. Her second victim just gets dropped right down her throat, but only after making him flop around inside her mouth for a good long while. Her final victim has the pleasure of being eaten off a spoon… after all, he is just food.
Time: 15:21 | Size:259MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720

fish swallow

Video CHV13GoPro – FREE BONUS – Fish Bowl Tease/Slide Into My MouthWe put a GoPro into a bowl of live fish so you could get a fish-eyed POV view while Christlie tells you the many ways you will soon become her dinner. Then she selects 2 of her favorites from the bowl, puts them on a sheet of glass, and tilts the glass so her tiny victims slide into her mouth. This footage was originally part of CHV14, but the GoPro footage wasn’t getting along with the other 4K footage and it kept crashing my editor’s software, so he rendered it separately. Christlie swallows the second fish only in this clip. The first fish is swallowed in CHV14.
Time: 6:07 | Size:436MB | Format: MP4 UHD 4K 3840 x 2160

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