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New From Roxanne (Open Mouth Fish Swallow)


swallowed live living vore
giantess videos 4K UHD Giantess Roxanne’ First Live Meal – Roxanne is a new Giantess with all the powers to shrink or turn you into a bug, or a fish… but this is her first time, but she’s excited to taste you. Roxanne is really hungry and she’s sure you won’t fill her up, so she eats a bacon, double cheese burger and a large coke, and saves you for dessert. Roxanne eats her burger and drinks her soda, and burps a lot during her meal… all while looking at you occasionally to remind you that you are next. After her burger, she smoke a cigarette, while you watch, waiting for your turn. Roxanne finishes her cig, and swallows your fiends as you watch, waiting for your turn. Roxanne pops another one of your friends into her mouth, then lights up another cigarette while your friend is in her mouth. Roxanne open mouth swallows 4 fish and you can see them slide down her wonderful throat.
Time: 35:22| Size:3.01GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

live vore
giantess videos 4K UHD Roxanne’s True Smoking Story – Roxanne tells you her whole story about how she started smoking, how long and how many a day, etc. She also talks about vaping and how her fist ever live vore swallow went… she stops talking for a minute to see if she can feel the fish swimming in her belly… she really was excited to see what heppens.
Time: 9:27| Size:819MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160
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 New VR 360 From Wink & Cupcake (Wink & Cupcake VR Package Deal)

giantess vr 360 videos
Giantess VR Twister – Wink and Cupcake take you out of your cage to play Twister with them. They have lots of fun threatening to swallow you and to sit on you during the game.
Time: 16:58| Size:1.42GB | Format: MP4 VR 360 UHD 2880 x 2880

giantess vr 360 videos
Wink and Cupcake’s Mouth and Feet Play – Cupcake invites Wink over to show-ff her new tiny toy… YOU! They put you on the floor and torment you with their giant feet, tongues and throats.
Time: 11:02| Size:939MB | Format: MP4 VR 360 UHD 2880 x 2880
Both Videos ONLY 19.99
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VR 360 UHD Videos From Cupcake (Cupcake VR Package Deal)

“Hi! I just bought cupcake vr collection and they are amazing. Please go on with VR!!”


giantess 360 video
Video CUPV7 – Cupcake & Roxanne in Feet and Mouth Tease – You’re Cupcake’s shrunken pet and today she and her friend, Roxanne take you out to play. First Roxanne teases you with her feet and threatens to step on you and mash you under her foot… but if you turn around, Cupcake is right behind you, mouth open and tongue sticking out threatening to swallow you. They tease you back and forth, then the SWITCH! Now Cupcake’s feet are all over you while Roxanne picks you up and threatens to drop you down that gorgeous throat of hers. It’s very scary in 360 VR >:)
Time: 11:25| Size:0.97GB | Format: MP4 VR 360 UHD 2880 x 2880


Video CUPV8 – Cupcake’s tiny, caged hostage – Cupcake comes home from a long day at work and she is hungry and tired, but she is anxious to play with you, but first she wants to get into something more comfortable… but what? Cupcake changes outfits while you sit at her feet. First she tries on some pants, but they’re dirty so she takes them off and tries on a dress, but she doesn’t like that either. Oooo, how about these black stockings? Nah, she thinks she will be most comfortable in a loose tank top and panties. Cupcake picks you up and dangles you over her giant mouth, she drags you from her feet, all the way up her body to her mouth. Cupcake picks you up with her feet and dangles you high above her open mouth… she’s really quite, um… ‘playful’.
Time: 11:24| Size:982MB | Format: MP4 VR 360 UHD 2880 x 2880


giantess vore vr 360 uhd
Video CUPV9 – Lap Dance from a Giantess – You’re still Cupcake’s pet, you haven;t escape yet.. and why would you? Cupcake keeps you in her night table and takes you out to give you a show.. and to play. Cupcake sits you on the floor, at her feet, while she dances high above you, lowering her giant butt just inches from your tiny body. She twerks in your face… her butt is enormous and the floor shakes when she twerks. Cupcake picks you up and teases you by opening her mouth and showing you how deep her throat goes.
Time: 9:37| Size:817MB | Format: MP4 VR 360 UHD 2880 x 2880

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*360 VR clips, these clips are design to work with VR players and goggles*
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live vore

giantess videos 4K UHD Video WV43 – Boss Wink swallows you and your whole department – Wink owns a small company and your dept is falling behind. Wink thinks about firing you all, but you’re all so useless, she doesn’t think you deserve to leave and screw something up for someone elses’ company. Hm, she has the perfect job for you all… to be SWALLOWED ALIVE!  Wink swallows the manager, the receptionist and the bookkeeper with no problem, they all just slide right down… ah, but YOU, fat ass, will take several tries to squeeze your fat ass down her gullet. This video is awesome as Wink never looked sexier and that fat fish wouldn’t go down, but Wink is determined even after Jim tells her to forget it and get a smaller fish… nope, Wink wants to teach fat boy a lesson, and she does.
Time: 17:21| Size:1.36GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

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giantess videos 4K UHD Video WV44 – Wink’s Large, Finned Mouth Pet – Wink gets home from a long work day of firing and swallowing her employees, and she is looking forward to playing with her new mouth pet. Yep, her pet will be shoved into her mouth and go everywhere Wink goes. Wink watches you swim from side to side, like you can avoid her, but there’s nowhere to swim, you’re caught. Wink explains to you that you’ll be in her mouth and that will now be your new home. Wink then stuffs you inside her mouth and plays with you before going out to run some errands, with YOU in her mouth for the entire afternoon. (side story: This big fish was out of water and in Wink’s mouth for more than 11 minutes but flipped and struggled the entire time. So, you lived to be a mouth pet again!
Time: 9:30| Size:741MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

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