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NEW Goldfish Vore from Kim! 3 Video Package Deal

  KV28s60fps – Kim’s Vore Games SloMo – ONLY the action in Slow Motion 60 fps. Kim throws her tiny friends into the air and catches them in her mouth and swallows 4 fish. Watch them slowly tumble into her mouth and slide down her throat in slow motion bliss. Edited to shw only the actin in rapid succession.
Time: 22:50 | Size:1.62GB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720 @ 60fps


giantess videos 4K UHD KV29 – Kim’s 5 Lucky Friends – Kim is getting good with role play. Kim turns 5 of her friends into fish and keeps them in a bowl, until she is so hungry and decides to eat them. Kim makes the other fish watch as each of their friends goes down. Kim gives each fish a stern talking to, then shows them where and how they will meet their demise. Kim open mouth swallows each of them, one at a time.
Time: 20:18 | Size:1.45GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


giantess videos 4K UHD KV30 – Your Ass is Glass! – Kim tosses her victim onto the glass table top so she can drown him in her saliva and bullying him with her tongue, until sucking them in (violently) and swallowing them alive. 2 last fish get sucked into her stomach.
Time: 11:19| Size:822MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

All 3 Videos ( A $56.00 Value ) ONLY $29.99
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NEW GIRL! OMG! Her Name is Lily

giantess videos 4K UHD LILV1 – Lily’s Gonna Eat You – It would be hard to describe how talented our new girl is. Lily is a master at role play/improvisation and Jim just turned the camera on, no script, and Lily just ran… and let me tell you, she sprinted past the finish line with her performance. Lily goes far beyond the usual canned dialog and comes up with stuff nobody could script. You will LOVE lily.

In this video, Lily’s face hovers over your little bowl of water, where she keeps you and 3 of your friends. She giggles because you have no idea what’s about to happen to you. Lily shows you where you are going and she describes the journey and the events that play out in this video in her creative and clever way, so I won’t eff it it up by trying to paraphrase… trust me, she’s awesome.
Time: 11:54 | Size:871MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


giantess videos 4K UHD LILV2 – You’re gonna help me Grow Bigger, Taller and Stronger – Again, Lily’s role as a gentle, sexy, but cold and calculated killer is indescribable. Lily sets up a meeting between the fish she has already swallowed, and 4 new friends that are about to meet the same fate. Lily talks to each fish, giving them a tour of what’s about to happen to them, then she swallows them alive, one at a time.
Time: 22:13| Size:1.59GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

Both Videos ( A $36.00 Value ) ONLY $24.99
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