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Roxanne vs. EELS!

giantess videos 4K UHD ROXV14 – Open Mouth Eel Swallowing – Roxanne plays with slippery, squirmy, snake like eels in her big mouth before making them slide down her throat. Roxanne has really come a long way and her role play is awesome, and she actually enjoys this stuff 😐 Roxanne slurps up the eels off the floor and out of her hand like spaghetti. These eels live the whole time… much longer than goldfish. See him gasping for air, and squirming to escape the entire time.
Time: 12:15 | Size:896MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


giantess videos 4K UHD ROXV15 – Eels On Glass – Roxanne slurps up eels and smears them all over the glass with her gigantic, long tongue, then she swallows them alive. These eels are fun… they must be able to breathe air because you can see them gulping air down every time they escape Roxanne’s giant mouth. They live thru the whole process and Roxanne can really feels them squiggling down her esophagus.
Time: 17:31| Size:1.25GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


giantess videos 4K UHD ROXV16 – The Party is in My Stomach – Roxanne has a fun time with 4 little fishies. Roxanne makes sure the remaining fish can see where they will end up, and she makes them witness their friends going down. Roxanne has a belly full of fish, and eels she swallowed earlier =O
Time: 16:38| Size:1.20GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

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Lily & Roxanne Together in 4 Fanastic New Videos

  giantess videos 4K UHD LRV1 – Baited and Eaten Alive – Roxanne and Lily are hungry and trick a local handyman into coming over to make some repairs. When they open the front door to let the repair man in (POV), they lead him into a back room an offer him a seat. Roxanne sees that the man is concerned about time because he’s on a schedule and has other appointments, but Roxanne and Lily convince him to stay by dancing in their underwear in an attempt to distract him. Once he seems comfortable and like he is enjoying the show, the girls begin to show him their big open mouths and just before shrinking him. The girls pick up their shrunken victim and make-out with each other, while he is passed from one giantess’s mouth and tongue to the other. The enjoy each other, and they enjoy their tiny victim, but suddenly and without warning, Lily swallows him. This makes Roxanne mad, because she is hungry too and they were supposed to share him. Roxanne shrinks Lily and swallowers her, but she’s still hungry, so she picks up the phone and calls a new repair man >:) .
Time: 17:52 | Size:1.33GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


giantess videos 4K UHD LRV2 – Trapped Inside TWO Giantess’ Mouths – Roxanne and Lily take a bath with a very fat, and very large coy fish. They take turns sticking his head into one of their mouths, while his tail is in the others, and their lips touch which completely envelops the coy. This video is kinda amazing 🙂 This has got to be the luckiest coy on the planet. I don’t know how, but Roxanne stuffs the entire coy into her mouth and closes her lips. They had lot of fun playing with this big boy.
Time: 11:58 | Size:870MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


giantess videos 4K UHD LRV3 – Bath Tub Vore – Lily feeds Roxanne 4 goldfish that are swimming around them in the tub. Lily drops each fish into Roxanne’s enormous mouth and once Roxanne swallows them, Lily helps push the fish down her neck and into her tummy. Lily puts her ear to Roxanne’s stomach and can hear the fish flopping around before being digested. This is a fun vore video 🙂
Time: 6:01| Size:415MB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160


  LRV4HD – The Duplication Spell – Lily and Roxanne are hungry, but their tiny friend is just not enough for both of them. Roxanne has an idea and turns their one tiny friend into 4 chunky goldfish. Now there’s enough to go around. Liy and Roxanne feed each other 2 fish each, and they make sure that the other fish see their friends getting swallowed. Once 2 fish are swimming inside Roxanne, and 2 fish are swimming inside Lily, they put their tummies together so the fish can say goodbye one last time.
Time: 20:47| Size:822MB | Format: MP4 HD 1920 x 1080

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NEW From Lily

giantess videos 4K UHD LILV3 – Sandwich, Soda, Burping, Smoking and Vore Parts 1 & 2 – Lily sits down next to her 4 pet fish and enjoys a smoke. She tells the fish they are going to experience something, but she won’t tell them just yet… she allows them to enjoy their ignorance just a bit longer. After her smoke, she begins to eat a large sandwich, and she shows the fish how easily she can bite off large pieces and swallow them with little effort. Lily has an earth quaking burp, and when she burps at the fish, they are like WTF? It’s funny. When Lily finishes her sandwich, she lights up another smoke and swallows each fish one at a time, making sure that the other fish see their friends go down one by one.
Part 1 Time: 12:48 | Size:0.98GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

Part 2 Time: 14:37 | Size:110GB | Format: MP4 UHD 3840 x 2160

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