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Christlie’s 6 Video Package! Video Package Deal (Get All 6 Videos For One Low Price)

open mouth braces

new-vore-videosVideo CHV30S – Christlie’s Braces, Tongue and Uvula ShowThis was a custom order. Christlie opens wide and shows you the inside of her mouth and down her throat. She says nothing and only opens very wide for the entire video.
Time: 6:41 | Size:113MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720


Uvula and Epiglottis

new-vore-videosVideo CHV31S – Uvula and Epiglottis MolestationThis was also a custom video order. Christlie opens wide while Jim massages her uvula and sticks his finger deep down her throat and massages her epiglottis… and she never gags, not even one time. Jim also molests her braces, teeth, tongue and Christlie giggles when Jim tickles the roof of her mouth.
Time: 15:50 | Size:266MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720


open mouth swallowing

new-vore-videosVideo CHV32S –¬†Open Mouth Water Swallowing – Yup, another custom order. Christlie pours water into her open mouth and swallows is without closing her mouth. You have to hear her loud swallowing as she gulps down the water.
Time: 11:43 | Size:198MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720


swallowed alive

new-vore-videosVideo CHV33S – Schoolgirl Christlie Slurps-up Her Friends Like SpaghettiAnother custom order for Christlie. Christlie comes home from shool only to discover that her friends beat her to her house and ate all of her string candy. She’s mad because she they didn’t save her anything. Hm, she decides to punish them by making them as small as candy and swallowing them all, alive. She finds a long thread of string and she ties all her little friends to the string, leaving a lot of space between friends so they can meet their doom, slowly >: ) Christlie slurps up the string a little at a time as she sucks in and swallows each little friend… ex friends now.
Time: 10:16 | Size:174MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720


long tongue

new-vore-videosVideo CHV34S – Christlie is excited to have her first boyfriend, even if he is only a foot tall. She asks him if he wants to be her first boyfriend and have a make-out session. Christlie begins with small little kisses to his face, but as she gets into making out, she forgets how small his head is and she can’t help but to stick his head into her mouth. Her long tongue is wrapped around the back of his head while his face is smooshed inot her enormous and extremely wet tongue. Her little boyfriend stops her for a second to ask if she has to be so slobbery, but that just makes her mad and she asks him what he expects her to do, I mean, your head is soooo small. She tells him not to ruin her first make-out session and to deal with it… OUMP and back into her mouth he goes. After he complains a few more time, Christlie has had enough. If you’re not going to enjoy making out with me, then I guess you can’t be my boyfriend and because you’re so small, perhaps you’ll make a better snack! And Christlie swallws him down whole.
Time: 9:21 | Size:159MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720


in my mouth

new-vore-videosVideo CHV35S –¬†Have You Ever Been In Somone’s Mouth Before? – We gave Christlie a camera and we left the room. Christlie discovers you sitting there and she notices how tiny you are. She’s curious to know if you will fit inside her mouth, so she asks if you have ever been inside someone’s mouth before. Christlie explains that you will fit in her mouth easily and that you should give it a try and she promises not to swallow you… but of course the video ends with you going down. So sorry, bye bye now.
Time: 7:33 | Size:127MB | Format: MP4 HD 1280 x 720


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