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girls swallowing goldfish
Video 187 – Your Giantess Nightmare – (7 to 9 fish go down… I lost count after 6) You’re slipping in and out of consciousness… a strange yet beautiful girl has apparently strapped you into a chair and is trying to wake you up, but you’re just too out of it and slip back into your nightmare. You’re dreaming the girl that has you strapped to the chair is a horrible Giantess that has shrunken you into a tiny goldfish and wants to swallow you alive. You relive the nightmare again and again as she swallows fish, after fish, will it ever end? Finally, the strange girl manages to wake you… you’re groggy for a second, but when you realize that your strapped to the chair and cannot escape, you wonder if you’ve been having a nightmare, or if your nightmare is just the beginning.
Time: 14:00 | Size:579MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Open Mouth Goldfish Swallowing

Video 165 – Shark Girl Open Mouth Goldfish Swallowing – Mackenzie had recently emerged from the ocean, a half shark/half human female with the ability to turn mammals into fish. Hey, you’re a mammal aren’t you? Too bad for you. Having already turned you into a fish several days ago, the video begins with Mackenzie waking you up because she’s hungry and it’s time to feed. Shark Girl slides 5 fish fish down her wide open hole and you can see everything in crystal clear HD.
Time: 17:00 | Size: 490MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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fish swallowed alive

Video 166 – Shark Girl Open Mouth Goldfish Swallowing 2 – Shark Girl continues to feed and play with her food before letting it slide down her throat. Her teeth are sharp, and she let’s you find out by trapping you between them. Her appetite is insatiable, and another 5 fish slide into the pit of her stomach.
Time: 18:00 | Size: 530MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Endoscopic Open Mouth Goldfish Swallowing

Video 167 – Shark Girl Endoscopic Open Mouth Goldfish Swallowing – Shark Girl, up close and personal! Ya gotta love this endoscope camera. Even though it can’t quite get down into the stomach, we manage to see these poor fish trapped inside her throat, but just for a second before going down.
Time: 13:00 | Size: 80MB | Format: WMV SD 640 X 480

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Smoking Goldfish Swallow

Video 161 – Braces Smoking 5 Goldfish Swallowed – Stephanie’s enormous mouth is a metallic cage of DANGER! She is anxious to play many tortuous games with you, her helpless victim. This Giantess is NOT nice. She envelopes you inside her smoke filled mouth to breathe her stinking, smokey breath. She slides your tiny body across her sharp braces… Her saliva is burning the scratches her braces inflict to your torso, and back. Then, just to be cruel, she tilts her head back, and challenges you not to fall down her throat. Guess what? You lose this game, and so do all of your little friends.
Time: 33:00 | Size: 995MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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goldfish swallow braces

Video 160 – Braces Brat Swallows 5 Goldfish –  Stephanie is a mean, evil, little brat. She’s hungry and she’s cranky and takes her anger out of some poor, defenseless fish. She wakes them from their nap, and opens wide (AAAHHHH) to show them where they are going. After humiliating them, and rubbing their little bodies all over her sharp braces, she swallows them alive. Stephanie is the Princess and has no mercy for her pet slaves.
Time: 28:00 | Size: 851MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Endoscopic Braces

Video 158 – Endoscopic Braces Tour –  Stephanie’s mouth is so clean, you’ll wish you could spend the day in there. I have also NEVER seen an epiglottis that’s so easy to get to. If you’ve seen our other endo videos, you’ll know that it ain’t easy to get the camera in there. Stephanie has such a wide open throat, you can see way down in there.
Time: 10:00 | Size: 75MB | Format: WMV SD 640 X 480

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