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Boricua Giantess Open Mouth Gummy Swallowing

Video Audition – Boricua Giantess Open Mouth Gummy Swallowing – Boricua is a beautiful, young Giantess that wants you to know how easily you will drop down her wide open throat, and she shows you by demostrating with gummy bears. Boricua wants you to see where you’ll soon be going.
Time: 9:00 | Size: 539MB | Format: HD 1920 X 1080p

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Braces Smoking 5 Goldfish Swallowed

Video 161 – Braces Smoking 5 Goldfish Swallowed – Stephanie’s enormous mouth is a metallic cage of DANGER! She is anxious to play many tortuous games with you, her helpless victim. This Giantess is NOT nice. She envelopes you inside her smoke filled mouth to breathe her stinking, smokey breath. She slides your tiny body across her sharp braces… Her saliva is burning the scratches her braces inflict to your torso, and back. Then, just to be cruel, she tilts her head back, and challenges you not to fall down her throat. Guess what? You lose this game, and so do all of your little friends.
Time: 33:00 | Size: 995MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Braces Brat Swallows 5 Goldfish

Video 160 – Braces Brat Swallows 5 Goldfish –  Stephanie is a mean, evil, little brat. She’s hungry and she’s cranky and takes her anger out of some poor, defenseless fish. She wakes them from their nap, and opens wide (AAAHHHH) to show them where they are going. After humiliating them, and rubbing their little bodies all over her sharp braces, she swallows them alive. Stephanie is the Princess and has no mercy for her pet slaves.
Time: 28:00 | Size: 851MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Endoscopic Braces Tour

Video 158 – Endoscopic Braces Tour –  Stephanie’s mouth is so clean, you’ll wish you could spend the day in there. I have also NEVER seen an epiglottis that’s so easy to get to. If you’ve seen our other endo videos, you’ll know that it ain’t easy to get the camera in there. Stephanie has such a wide open throat, you can see way down in there.
Time: 10:00 | Size: 75MB | Format: WMV SD 640 X 480

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Gigantic Snake Fish Swallow

Video 144 – Gigantic Snake Fish Swallow – Videos 144 and 143 below, just might be the best fish in mouth, and fish swallowing videos EVER! Gypsy is fearless and swallows the biggest, stinkiest, ugliest fish in the river, and not once but several times! He’s long and when she dangles him into her mouth, his head is half the way down her throat before his tail clears her front teeth. She doesn’t like the look of this fish and she lets him know by giving him the evil eye before he’s trapped inside her mouth, only to go down, then back up, then down, then back up. She’s making him pay for being so damn ugly. She also swallows several other, long, slimy fish… just because she can!
Time: 20:00 | Size: 771MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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BIG Fat Fish Swallow

Video 143 – BIG Fat Fish Swallow – Gypsy tells the story of how she became able to shrink guys and turn them into any kind of fish she imagines, and how she is compelled to swallow them alive. This evil Giantess also experiments with different ways she can swallow you… She warms up with an ordinary feeder fish, and drops him in her throat while laying on her back… he’s face down in her epiglottis and she leaves him there to suffocate in her throaty saliva. She then allows the big fat Oranda fish go down backwards so you can see the last look on his face (I swear he looks so sad, and makes an “oh crap” expression with his mouth).. he’s a big one and it takes several down and back outs to get him down for good. The long, black and orange fish has his head swallowed, then spat out, again and again… will it ever end? Finally, she fills her mouth with water, just like a fish bowl and allows an unsuspecting victim swim around before opening her throat for the final flush!
Time: 16:00 | Size: 498MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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