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Goldfish Swallowing Compilation

Video 142 – Goldfish Swallowing Compilation – We took “just” the swallowing parts of our most popular goldfish swallowing videos and made this non-stop fish swallowing compilation clip. Gypsy, Mystique, Mackenzie, Roxanne, Gabby and Strawberry… just the fish swallowing and nothing else! Fish, swallow, fish, swallow, fish, swallow, fish, swallow… you get the picture.
Time: 14:00 | Size: 407MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Strawberry's Enormous Mouth Goldfish Swallow

Video 129 – Strawberry’s Enormous Mouth Goldfish Swallow – As a fish in Strawberry’s hand, you have no tools in which to escape… no arms, no legs, you’re just a tiny helpless fish. When Strawberry pops you into her gigantic mouth, you have plenty of room to flip and flop, but she uses that giant stud and ball that pierces her tongue to pin you down, firmly. She has a long tongue and is experienced in keeping you on the inside, and where she thinks you will taste the best… like under her tongue, or laying helplessly on her molars. But, like gum, your flavor fades, and when that happens, it’s time for her to let you slide on down into her waiting tummy. Strawberry swallows 6 fish in total, and there are lots of torturous, yet playful views before going down.
You will get this video split into 2 separate videos for easier download.
Video 129a: Time: 20:00 | Size: 768MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720
Video 129b: Time: 19:00 | Size: 710MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720 

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Strawberry's Endoscopic Goldfish Swallow

Video 130 – Strawberry’s Endoscopic Goldfish Swallow – The endoscope doesn’t miss a thing. The close-up detail is amazing. You will absolutely feel like you’re on the inside of Strawberry’s giant fish trap. You will see close-up a detailed views of 4 fish as they endure her inside mouth horrors, trapped in every nook and cranny in that gorgeous hole, then the slow slide past the taste buds and into the slippery abyss.
Time: 23:00 | Size: 171MB | Format: WMV SD 640 X 480

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Mystique's Goldfish Swallow/Gag/Expel/Repeat

Video 123 – Mystique’s Goldfish Swallow/Gag/Expel/Repeat  – Mystique tries so hard, but is a failure as a Giantess. As such, she goes hungry, alot! She’s really good at getting guys like you to come over, and she’s a pro at the whole shrinking you into a goldfish thing… but after torturing you inside her gorgeous mouth, she can’t quite get you “all the way” down. Sure she swallows you, and you do disappear from view.. but moments later, back out you pop. I guess that’s great if you like to be swallowed again and again, and sooner or later you DO GO DOWN… but you best be prepared to be swallowed half the way down a dozen or so times first.
Time: 32:00 | Size: 934MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Gummies on a String Down Her Throat

Video 133 – Gummies on a String Down Her Throat – We’re calling this girl, The Slim Swallower. She might be just shy of 100LBS, but she can swallow with the best of them. This slim beauty can control her throat so that when the gummies drop inside, she can push them back out to drop again and again. She does lose a few here and there, and she tells you they’re on their merry little way to her tummy… no return!
Time: 13:00 | Size: 133MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720

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Gypsy's Epiglottis Squeeze

Video 120 – Gypsy’s Epiglottis Squeeze  – This is a first! Gypsy swallows goldfish, after goldfish and we follow them down with the endoscope. We’ve never captured video this far down a girl’s throat, and the view is amazing. And we didn’t catch it just once, but a few times. You can actually see the fish going down, squeezed behind the epiglottis and the back of Gypsy’s esophagus.
Time: 19:00 | Size: 122MB | Format: WMV SD 640 X 480

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